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Social Media Influencer Marketing

The oldest way of advertising – is word of mouth. Advice from an influencer is word of mouth. 


Before today's influencers, there had been superstar endorsements. Celebrities selling merchandise still works, It works, so they are paid millions of dollars to do it.


Then there is Influencer marketing, where the Influencer is someone often sitting at home and talking peer to peer.


Gen Z who grew up on social media more than the television, are more inclined to listen to a relatable influencer than an A-Lister. 

We check on metrics like engagement with followers, reach and demographics of audience to be sure we choose the right influencers for your campaign. 


Influencer marketing has a great ROI. It is believed that brands earn, on average, about £5000 for each £1 they put money into influencer advertising.  And according to Influencer Marketing Hub, it can be up to £18,000 for each £1  invested when it goes really well. 


You can reach your target market and see great returns with the right support. 

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