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5 Reasons Instagram is Good for Your Business

Updated: Apr 6

Instagram is a great tool to market yourself to your current customers and can also be used for new potential customers. Here are 6 reasons why Instagram is good for your business: 1. Instagram helps strengthen your brand identity.

Getting started on Instagram might seem like a challenge but making progress day by day you will build your identity and showcase what you stand for. Even if you are not active on Instagram, the best practice is to have an account created under the name of your business, contact information, and a handful of posts to showcase your brand. Customers will search for you on Instagram. It’s a signal: you exist.

2. You can use Instagram to connect with new, unexpected markets

Since Instagram has an extensive user base; it gives you an opportunity to connect with millions of users worldwide, helping you expand your horizons and reach more people. Since making an account and posting on Instagram doesn’t cost you money, you can connect with people with whom it wouldn’t be imaginable before, and so helping you increase your potential customer base.

3. You can use Instagram to closely engage with your audience

Socializing can be an incredible way of marketing your work. Instagram lets you communicate with anybody you wish, be it an existing customer, a client, or curious shoppers. You can do this for free by using Comments and Direct Messaging. Instagram gives you the opportunity to socialize and thus helping you strengthen your rapport with them, giving you a marketing opportunity for your brand for free.

4. You can use Instagram to display information about your business

Whether you are selling a product or a service, it’s necessary for your customers to know what you are selling, how you are selling, how to reach you, how to buy from you, etc. You can use Instagram to list everything that you would want your customer to know about you and your business.

5. You can use Instagram to curate customer testimonials

Instagram lets other users tag you in their posts. Letting customers tag you in posts lets others know about you and your brand. It can act as a free promotion and also as a genuine review. So if a customer is happy about a product they purchased from you, it’s highly possible they’ll take to Instagram to share the story. They might even tag you as well and their review is gold. It can do miracles for your business. Build the right environment for passionate fans to share about you often.

Using Instagram can help your business in multiple ways, letting your business grow and connecting you with clients, without you needing to spend loads of money on advertising and marketing.

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