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How to Market Your Business on Facebook

Updated: Apr 6

If you have a business, chances are, it requires a social media presence, especially Facebook. Facebook provides a platform for small businesses, startups, and large enterprises to expand their audience, engage with potential customers to help expand their business.

A Facebook page can help you legitimize your business and add credibility. In many cases, if a customer doesn't find your Facebook page for your business, they might assume your business is outdated or untrustworthy.

Here is how you can market your business through Facebook effectively

Have a clear branding strategy

It is necessary to set a clear goal and create a plan for using Facebook. So, have a clear strategy before you decide what you want to post online. Make a plan beforehand, and follow it through. Establishing a strategy beforehand gives you a clear direction for your Facebook marketing. You should know who your customers are and tailor your content according to their preferences. By using Facebook Insights, you can learn more about your customers.

Focus on posting quality content regularly

Unlike traditional media (magazines or television), or other online media (websites & blogs), social media needs to be constantly updated. You should post on your Facebook page as often as possible. Posting regularly and maintaining a schedule helps your audience to stay connected to your brand. The quality of your posts is equally important as your frequency of posting. Your posts should be interesting enough to keep your followers engaged. If your followers are not interacting with your posts, Facebook will show them less of your content. It will lower your engagement even if you have a large following.

Interact with your audience

The purpose of Facebook is to connect people - not businesses. Managing your Facebook page must be done in a style that sounds real and likeable, with a voice that fits your business. Use natural language instead of business jargon. Let other Facebook users join the conversation by responding to the comments on your posts. Remember to respond quickly - within 24 hours is best. When you don't respond, your audience will become less inclined to engage, and they will gradually pull away.

Post visual content

Instead of writing your posts as "status updates", try posting pictures and videos. The Facebook algorithm prefers visual content like photos and videos over plain texts. Posting visually attractive photos or videos can get your audience to engage more with your content. Higher engagement means a higher reach for your Facebook page. Also, try posting stories and short videos (Facebook reels) to get more engagement for your business.

Use Facebook groups

Through Facebook Groups, you can connect with prospective customers and generate leads. Facebook has numerous groups for your interests, hobbies, professions, and industry. Use your personal Facebook account to join these groups and promote your business. Remember, you should never be too sales-driven while making those conversations. By doing so, you can quickly turn away your potential customers. You can also create your own group on Facebook. You can add members, publish articles, hold discussions, and perhaps connect with prospective customers. Since you own the group and control the conversations, you automatically gain credibility among your members who look up to you for product and service advice.

Use Facebook Ads

You can use Facebook Ads, if you have tried organic reach on Facebook but have not had much success. Targeting the right audience on Facebook is incredibly easy. You can target your audience according to location, gender, age, interests, and behavior. Your posts will be seen by them as promoted or sponsored content. You can reach out to people who might be interested in the products or services that you offer. You can also generate brand awareness among people who may not know your brand. A Facebook ad can increase likes, sales, brand awareness, lead generation, and much more. Facebook ads are also cheaper than traditional advertising, and you can reach a wide range of audiences at a fraction of the price.

Using these simple ways, you can market your business to your desired audience and maintain long-term relationships with them. Growing your business on Facebook requires commitment and patience. By using the correct methods you can achieve your goals for connecting with clients.

If you'd like UnWordy to help you meet your social marketing goals, be in touch.

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