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Is it worthwhile engaging a digital marketing company?

Updated: Apr 6

You can guess my answer, here's the why.

If you have the kind of business with clients that keep sharing word about your product or services without you even asking - then you’ve got a self marketing business. Congratulations.

For everyone else, there's Mastercard, no sorry I meant there is some sort of effort required to keep your availability in the line of sight of your target clients.

And this takes some energy and resources.

In some ways you are the best person to do your own marketing since you know most about your product or services. But there are a few reasons why that doesn’t quite work out.

(1) Firstly, finding the right words. Even knowing which words you are looking for.

Communicating what you do to the people you do it for might be more challenging to get right than you’d at first think.

When we understand something well we expect others to appreciate it similarly. Most of your clients won’t be in that place.

Clear messaging for them is something a good marketing agency can do.

(2) Secondly, digital marketing nowadays involves some technical know-how.

SEO, SERP, backlinks, analytics, online checkouts, membership areas, hashtags, funnels …

You’re smart, you can probably get your head around it, it’s not more difficult than what you already do, but that brings me to the third point...

(3) Business owners like you already have lots to do; and learning how to do digital marketing and then doing it, well it’s not easy to find time for that along with everything else.

So for these three reasons, alone, along with many others, I think that yes, it is absolutely worth engaging a marketing agency.

And what about hiring a marketing employee instead?

With so many aspects to get right, whoever you hire will be able to do only so much, and an agency will actually cost less to do more, if you choose the right one.

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