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Time Saving Solutions
for Copywriters by

You have too much work 

You are damn good at what you do, that's why your clients come to you. It's built up and you are working more hours than your ideal schedule.


Other times it's quiet.

Research takes forever

The secret to a lot of your great writing is often the time and energy you put into your research. You need to do it properly, but then you spend 3 days researching for a project you can write in 3 hours. 

You want good margins

Hypothetically you'd be glad to get some help - during those busy times, but you know that people as good as you are probably going to charge as good as you. or near enough, soon enough. 

It's technical

Sometimes what you have to write about is complex stuff. Deep into science and technology - whether that's totally not your area or it  is - you can write about it. But a little help from someone who gets it might go a long way. 

Where's help anyway?

And finding someone who is good enough to help lighten your workload, they'd need to be really good. And that's not easy to come by. 

Help is hastle

"I'd love to get someone to help - but I just don't have time" - a common mantra of those who want to stay small.  Have you heard it? Do you say it?  Do you mean it?

One solution to give you back your time (and complete more writing)

A relatable story?

A busy firm before the last recession that we'll call Allselfs, used to pride itself on being a full-service marketing consultant. The company maintained a full in-house operation.  ​ The company regularly turned down requests by small outside contractors offering to provide services that could support them such as content research. Business did fine. ​ That changed when a major economic downturn hit  and forced Allselfs to think about ways to cut costs for the first time in its history.

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